Samsung Galaxy S-10

New Galaxy S10 leaks tell us it’s time to get excited

Battery life remains one of the most important features of any new phone. No matter how energy-efficient smartphone components get, we still care about good battery life, which can get us through the day with ease. The Galaxy S10 is the best example in that regard. The phone will have 7nm/8nm chips that will be more efficient than last year’s processors, but recent reports made some people question whether the phones’ batteries are big enough, or whether they charge fast enough. However, a new series of leaks gives us plenty of reasons to get excited about Galaxy S10 battery life.

Finally, there’s one more Galaxy S10 battery feature that was rumored previously, only to receive some unofficial confirmation in the past few days. The Galaxy S10 will copy a feature of Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro phone, reverse wireless charging. That means the phone will be able to recharge other devices, including phones, headphones, wearables, as long as these devices also support wireless charging.

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